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Ledger Explorers & Analytics Webpages

These websites allow you to explore the Stellar Network in Live and Testnet

Website Description
Dashboard of the Stellar Network Official Dashboard Crawler for the Stellar Network making nodes visible
Stellar.Expert Block explorer and Analytics platform
Stellar Portal A web app designed to access the Stellar Network. It allows you to consult account informations such as balances and offers, see orderbook and to make transactions.
SterLine Android App On the Android App Store: SterLine is an Android aplication to view prices of assets, estimated balances, holdings and payments made on Stellar Network.
Stellar Viewer Great way to visually track transactions
Stellar Explorer Ledger, Operations, Transactions (also available in different languages)
Stellar Chain Ledger and Transactions
Stellar Scan Ledger, Transactions & AccountID lookup
Stellar Desk Account viewer, Network Explorer, Wallet & Market Monitor for Stellar
Stellar Debtmoney [DISCONTINUED] Ledger, Transactions, Operations, AccountID